Catherine Siachoque, born in Colombia on January 21, 1972, is a model and actress recognized by her successful work in her native country, Latin America and the United States.


In 2007 she returned to Colombia for her first casting with screenwriter and producer Luis Felipe Salamanca, earning a role in the series “Pocholo” on Caracol TV.

Since then, she hasn’t looked back: In addition to appearing in more than a dozen telenovelas and television series, she has participated in a number of short and feature-length movies, including “El guapo,” “Virginia casta” and “Corazón de león,” where she appeared alongside Marlon Moreno.

She escapes from the clinic in which she was supposed to begin a psychiatric treatment. In the world of drug trafficking, Zoraya will find a sinister character willing to help her in her plan to kill Catalina la Grande, ignoring that she will jeopardize her freedom and her son’s freedom, which is all that she has left.

“[Es] un personaje odiado, pero también querido”, agregaba la actriz colombiana dejando con gran intriga y con la miel en los labios a los seguidores de la telenovela.

She began her acting career in 1995 in novelas such as: “Sobrevivir,” “La Sombra del Deseo,” “Hechizo,” “Las Juanas,” “Tan Cerca y Tan Lejos,” “Amantes del Desierto,” “Te Voy a Enseñar a Amar,” “Tierra de Pasiones,” “Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso,” “La Casa de Al Lado,” to name a few, in which she showed her talent and ability to perform in both protagonist and antagonist roles.

Desde People En Español les podemos adelantar en exclusiva entre qué cinco personajes estará ese inesperado desenlace que promete conmocionar al televidente.

La madre de Catalina no atraviesa su mejor momento a nivel personal, ¿le sorprenderá la muerte o será que recurrirá a ella para olvidarse de todos sus males?

Para nadie es un secreto que la joven anda en malos pasos, ¿será que su rebeldía la llevará directa a la muerte convirtiéndose así en la nueva víctima de la maldición que amenaza la vida de las hijas de las cinco chicas del barrio?

Issa won another Premio TVyNovelas award in 2016, this time for “Best Supporting Actress in a Series” for her pivotal role as Fátima Tabares, the main character’s mother, in “Lady, la vendedora de rosas” on RCN.

That same year, she joined the cast of ”Sin senos si hay paraíso” in a masterful performance as Yesica Beltrán, “La Diabla,” awakening the hatred and love of thousands of fans and captivating the attention of the Hispanic media. She returned in 2017 to continue giving life to La Diabla.

He is a former TEA director. He deceived Catalina la Grande to earn her trust until he kidnapped her and kept her in his hiding place.

While in captivity, Catalina discovers that Martin is a cannibal who has already killed several women, and she is about to be his next victim. Catalina la Grande escapes, reports him to authorities and he is captured. After a while, he joins the mafia, escapes from prison and returns to Colombia seeking revenge on Catalina la Grande.

Martin is a manipulative, cold and calculating man; he meets all the psychological profile of a serial killer, willing to kill other women in the neighborhood.


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