And eventually his son Vicente José Carrillo Leyva. Carrillo’s father died in April 1986. Carillo’s brother, Cipriano Carrillo Fuentes, died in 1989 under mysterious circumstances

He died in July 1997, in a Mexican hospital, after undergoing extensive plastic surgery to change his appearance.[3][4][5] In his final days Carrillo was being tracked by Mexican and U.S. authorities.

Among U.S. and Mexican authorities,[when?][why?] and perhaps for this reason, Carrillo underwent facial plastic surgery and abdominal liposuction.

These children were the nieces and nephews of Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, a/k/a «Don Neto», the Guadalajara Cartel leader. Amado got his start in the drug business under the tutelage of his uncle Ernesto and later brought in his brothers.

During the broadcast of the second season, Telemundo published a comic based on the second season of the series, portraying part of the plot of the series.

1997, at Santa Mónica Hospital in Mexico City. However, during the operation, he died of complications apparently caused either by a medication or a malfunctioning respirator.

The opening theme song was changed to «El verdadero Jefe de todos». In the third season the song was composed around the main character Of the series and is titled «Aurelio Casillas.

To change his appearance on July 4. The opening theme song was changed to «El verdadero Jefe de todos». In September 2014, the character played by Rafael Amaya, appeared in the series Señora Acero in the first two episodes of the series as a special guest.


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